Activities of the Aegean sea

Brewery and Vineyard Tour

an exclusive tour of Paros' most famous vineyard, Moraitis, and the successful 56 Isles microbrewery.

This is a fabulous opportunity to learn more about the culture of Paros, the wine and beer production on the island and meet the artisans behind them! The tour includes tasting of a carefully selected range of wines and beers, a tour of the facilities.

Moraitis Vineyard

56 Isle Brewery

scuba-diving. Activities in Paros

Scuba Diving

Discover another world! Dive into crystal clear waters and enjoy an incredible scenery of drop-offs, caverns, canyons, boulders and swim throughs. Anyone 10+ can participate!

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aegean kitesurfing in Paros

Kitesurfing Lessons

Learn Kitesurfing with the guidance of an experienced instructor. With instructors and teaching method that enables the kitesurfing lesson to proceed at a quicker pace

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