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Multi Day Cruises

Experience the ultimate sailing or motor yacht adventure as you explore the stunning Cycladic islands of Greece over multiple days. With a flexible itinerary, you’ll wake up each day at a new and exciting island in the Cyclades. A dedicated crew will take care of all the details, leaving you free to relax and fully enjoy your holiday. Don’t miss out on the best multi-day cruises in the Cyclades!

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Explore the Cyclades in style by chartering a private yacht for a minimum of 3 days. This is the best way to see as many islands as you want on a schedule that suits you. Whether you want to discover hidden coves, find secluded swimming spots, or enjoy outdoor activities like hiking or kitesurfing, our team will help you design the perfect cruising itinerary. Naxos Voyages offers multi-day or weekly cruises that are a unique and exclusive way to visit the Cyclades. Depart from any Cycladic island of your choice, or Athens, and choose your own itinerary, including the number of days and destinations. All types of groups, families, friends, and couples are welcome to join and explore the Cyclades on your own private yacht.

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available boats

Our luxurious motor and sailing yachts, crewed by a friendly and welcoming team, provide the perfect base for you as you enjoy the calm blue waters, breathtaking sunsets and fantastic beaches.

Lagoon 42
Length : 12.80 meters (42 ft)
Day charter passenger capacity : 20
Weekly charter passenger capacity : 6
Akhir 90
Length : 27 meters (90 ft)
Day charter passenger capacity : 25
Weekly charter passenger capacity : 10
Ferretti 46
Length : 14.1 meters (46 ft)
Day charter passenger capacity : 12
Weekly charter passenger capacity : 6
Invictus TT460
Length : 14.27 meters (47 ft)
Day charter passenger capacity : 12
Weekly charter passenger capacity : 2

What to Bring :

Light Clothing : Shorts, swimsuits, T-shirts – sunglasses – hat and long sleeve tops, as nights can get cool on the islands.

Your Medication : The yachts are equipped with first aid kits, but you should bring any prescription medicine from home.

Luggage : Luggage should be a soft duffel bag type and not suitcases as they take up too much room on the boat and might scratch the furniture while navigating through the yacht.

Your Music : All the yachts have Bluetooth connection.

unique destinations

Explore the Cycladic islands and visit coves and beaches only accessible by sea. Day cruises from Naxos to several amazing islands including Antiparos, Paros, Mykonos and Koufonisia – plus many more!

sifnos. Boats in Paros. Charter a Boat. Luxury transfer. Day cruises


Located west of Paros, Sifnos is famous for its relaxing family atmosphere and nature with an unspoiled beauty. Surrounded by beautiful landscapes, Sifnos’ sandy beaches

rineia. Boats in Paros. Charter a Boat. Luxury transfer. Day cruises


Rineia island located next to Delos is another uninhabited island. Rineia boasts several amazing coves with a quiet, relaxed atmosphere – perfect for a swim

Delos-paros. Boats in Paros. Charter a Boat. Day cruises


Delos island, located near Mykonos, is home to one of the most important archaeological sites of Greece – a holy sanctuary for a millennium before

koufonisi. Boats in Paros. Charter a Boat. Luxury transfer, Day cruises


This island paradise in the heart of the Cyclades is perfect for families looking to relax and unwind. Does not attract the same visitor numbers

mykonos. Boats in Paros. Charter a Boat. Luxury transfer. dAy cruises


The famous sophisticated party destination in Greece, attracting stars from around the world. Beyond the nightlife and glamour, there are charming seaside resorts and protected

naxos. Boats in Paros. Charter a Boat. Luxury transfer. DAy cruises


Located West of Paros, Naxos is the largest island of the Cyclades. Famous for the Apollo’s Temple entrance but also for an unspoiled coastline of

Despotiko. Boats in Paros. Charter a Boat. Luxury transfer. day cruises


Island at the south of Antiparos across a narrow strait . The island is not only known for her wonderful beaches but is home to

antiparos. Boats in Paros. Charter a Boat. Luxury transfer. day cruises


Little sister island of Paros with a quiet and relaxing atmosphere with absolutely breath-taking coast and sea caves . Quiet villages and enchanting beaches await

blue-lagoon- Boats in Paros. Charter a Boat. day cruises


Lagoon with turquoise sea water between the South of Paros and Antiparos, formed by the small islands of Tigani, Panteronisi & Glaropounta. Known locally as

What Can naxos voyages Offer You

Experience and Focus

Naxos Voyages has been providing quality cruises and experiences on Naxos, Paros and the surrounding islands for over 10 years. Our focus is to welcome visitors from all over the world and to help them experience the very best of the Cyclades.

great value

We take the hassle out of planning your holiday, while offering value for money and an abiding commitment to quality and service.

Multilingual Team

Our team is fluent in Greek, English, Dutch and French and have established ourselves as Naxos’s premier provider of boat cruise and activities.

Top class service

We offer a fully personalized service for those looking for a boat trip or other activities on Naxos. Whether you want a special day out on the water with your family, or assistance organizing a surprise proposal or party – we are here to help.

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