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Welcome to your Parosdise!

It is as great as TripAdvisor tells you.

Whether you are young or old you will fell in love with Paros for its beaches, charming architecture, local food, adventures, unique experiences and enjoyable moments!

Parikia, the capital of Paros, is today one of the most popular and busiest spot of the island, as its cafeterias and restaurants along the waterfront attract many tourists. Parikia is also famous for its vivid nightlife, which makes it along with Naoussa the best places to go for a drink. You will find a number of cozy restaurants and bars by the seafront and shopping streets there.

Naoussa is located nearby Parikia and it’s a lovely Medieval settlement famous for the old port, the lounge nightlife and the charming architecture.

Also, there are plenty amazing villages forgotten in time like Prodromos, Marpissa,Lefkes, Piso Livadi Ampelas and Agkeria with white washed houses and a special traditional style and all these lovely places that are neither isolate nor crowded. One of the most endearing things about Paros is that one has to pass dense olive groves and barley fields on hillsides to get to the places of interest.

The island is filled with beaches and surrounded by turquoise waters; it’s the details that make the difference.

Some of the best beaches include Golden beach and Santa Maria, Kolimbithres, Monastiri, Logaras, Farangas, Marchello, Agia Irini and if you want some privacy there are so many little coves that combine crystal waters and nice sand.

One of the most unusual and creative beaches Kolimbithres has rocky outcrops of bizarre shapes sculpted by the sea and the wind, and between the outcrops there are small coves of shallow lucid waters.

The local cuisine of Paros is the traditional Greek cuisine with certain small differentiations. In Paros, with its superb choice of taverns and restaurants, you can have the very best fresh sea food, delicious grilled Octopus, local meats and fresh, organic produce grown no more than a few kilometres away.

We also highly recommend renting some of the boats and exploring the Blue lagoon Tigani with clear transparent turquoise waters, so that you can find your own little “private” beach or a hidden cove, or maybe go on an all-day boat trip on nearby island Antiparos.

Antiparos is ‘little sister’ of Paros, which is located just opposite, may have once been the best little secret of the Cyclades but thanks to such gilt-edged visitors as Brad Pitt, Tom Hanks, and Sean Connery, everybody now knows about this pretty little “forgetaway.”

Paros offers a diverse range of activities, depending on your mood and preferences – there is something to suit everyone.

You can choose from a variety of organized sport activities like kitesurf/windsurf lessons, scuba diving, boat cruises, boat rental, trekking, SUP, snorkeling, quad safari, boat lessons,  sea transfer, air transfer.

The whole experience of discovering old settlements, beautiful whitewashed stone houses, flowered balconies and beautiful paved streets keeps you coming, and coming back for more. The scenery of Paros is beautiful and you can seat and watch the sea for hours from wherever you are.

U will really enjoy the atmosphere in combination with the breath-taking scenery and hospitality of the locals.

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