Activities of the Aegean sea

Scuba Diving

Discover another world! Dive into crystal clear waters and enjoy an incredible scenery of drop-offs, caverns, canyons, boulders and swim throughs.

Anyone 10+ can participate! In four hours you will take your first breath underwater scuba diving! After registration and completing a medical questionnaire, there is a theory class where you will learn the principles of pressure, equalization, breathing and use of the equipment. Once comfortable, four different scuba diving practical skills will be practiced in shallow water so you gain confidence being underwater. Then the real scuba diving fun begins! You will dive, accompanied by an instructor, at one of our carefully selected dive sites to a maximum depth of 12 meters!!!

Activity Details

Activity : Boat excursion for scuba diving guided by Certified Dive Instructor
Difficulty Level : All levels (beginners to experienced)
Operating Hours : 9am – 6pm
Language : English, French & Greek
Duration : 2 hours
Included :

  • Crewed boat
  • Dive Instructor
  • Diving equipment
  • Bottle of mineral water (0,50l)

Discover another world.

Explore Paros island´s reefs in waters with visibility of up to 40 meters. Experience the rich, colourful marine life and watch the sun’s rays light up the endless blue!

Dive Locations

The Cave

cave diving aegean. Activities in Paros

We moor the boat on the south coast of Panderonisi, an island situated between Antiparosand Paros.

Dropping down to up to 16 metres, you will swim along the wall. Along the way encountering morays, many small fish and perhaps even a barracuda!

There are three entrances into the cave to explore, dependent on diver’s experience. Once inside, after a safety stop, you will surface inside the island and then you can enjoy the inside of the spectacular dome.

Torches are provided, in case there is not enough light coming in from the main entrance to show you the spectacular stalactites, unique calcium formations, anenomes clinging to the rock face and many other features of this wonderous cavern

Express Samina

samina scuba. Activities in Paros

MS Express Samina sank on the evening of 26th September 2000 with the loss of 82 lives. Lying on it’s starboard side at a depth of 35 metres, this intact wreck stretches for 115 metres.

Swimming along the outside of the shipwreck, you will probably encounter an inquisitive school of amber jacks and flaballinas.Diving from the stern along to the bow and back to the anchor line you will pass along the top deck.

Here the bench seats are located and you can see inside the car deck, where lorries and cars can be seen. Lifeboats, tables and many other items litter the sea bed, a stark reminder of the tragic sinking of this vessel.

Bubble Reef

. Activities in Paros

The dive starts on a plateau which is at 5 meters depth. Following the drop-off to 18 metres you can explore a narrow canyon where discover a field of posidonia.

Along the dive we will see small sandy-bottomed caves covered with corals and sponges. A few metres later a beautiful cavern with colourful walls waits to reveal its hidden treasures. Here the rock formations have created a huge hole where the sun’s rays pass through creating a magical atmosphere.

The cavern will lead us to a cave where will see a school of small colorful fishes hovering. Our ascent will be done through the ceiling hole into the sun rays. On the way back we’ll see bubbles coming out of the reef’s pores. A mystery to solve. Clams, scorpion fish, octopuses and lobsters are common.

The Shipwreck

PADI-wreck-diver. Activities in Paros

This 25 metre long shipwreck has been sitting upright at 30 metres depth since the 1960′s.

As you descend into the blue, you see the shadow and then the impressive wreck emerges. The clear visibility gives you the opportunity to explore the wreck and discover it’s secrets. Next to the wreck, astonishing rock formations are the pefect way to finish the dive.

The Stingray Point

stingray. Activities in Paros

After the exciting descent along the boat’s line you will swim to the reef’s edge, enjoy the view and then descend to 20 metres to swim along the sea wall. Thousands of small fishes swim close to the wall and around you while we point out visiting tunas and stingrays. Advanced divers can descend to 30 metres where you can spot groupers and anthias. And of course, the dive site gets its name from the enormous stingray that is frequently spotted on this dive!


SCUBA. Activities in Paros

Immediately after descent you will follow our experienced dive instructor through unbelievable underwater canyons ( the main attraction of the site) and enormous rock formations that hide lobsters, octopuses, morays and cray fish. This dive site is teaming with marine life and has to be seen to be believed.


sea anemone. Activities in Paros

Incredible rock formations give this dive site its name, and a wide swim through “The Cathedral” with white sand bottom and walls covered with hundreds of colourful sponges is the main attraction of this site. Here you will light the torches, enjoy the colours and watch the fish swimming all around you.

Barracuda Point

school of fish. Activities in Paros

On this site you have very high chances to see large schools of barracudas…They are very curious and frquently come very close to divers and you will get to experience them swimming round you during the dive. Tunas are very often seen and even swordfish and turtles.


Starfish. Activities in Paros

A reef close to “Barracuda point” which rises from the depth to 12 metres. At 20 metres there are walls, big rocks and a small canyon for you to explore. Around the canyon walls we will guide you to view thousands of small fish, barracudas, groupers and stingrays.

Scuba diving lessons - PADI Certified

All Scuba Lessons prices include training material, all necessary diving material, diving insurance and transfers between your hotel and diving center.

Scuba Diver

This is the first official scuba diving certification course offered by PADI. Completion of this course allows you to dive with any certified PADI Diving Center, accompanied by an Instructor/Divemaster, to a maximum depth of 12 meters. It covers approximately 60% of the Open Water Course; (Chapters 1-3). This is a great way to have the facility of diving anywhere in the world without having to undergo the Discover Scuba Diving program each time. At a later date, you can complete the remaining two chapters and get your Open Water Certification.

Open Water Diver

This scuba diving certification will train you to be a competent certified scuba diver, allowing you to dive to a maximum of 18 meters independently with a buddy of equal or higher certification, or with any dive center in the world. With this certification you can also rent dive equipment and get dive cylinders filled. The course takes about 4 days to complete, consisting of both theory classroom sessions, practical confined water (shallow) and, open water (deeper) sessions. Each class or water session builds your skill level and confidence under water.

Advanced Open Water Diver

Take your scuba diving training to the next level, learn more, practice more, experience more, gain more and appreciate each dive experience more. The Advanced course consists of 5 dives, two mandatory dives; Deep Dive and Underwater Navigation. And you choose another three from a list of many….Underwater Photography, Drift, Night, Wreck, Underwater Naturalist, Peak Performance Buoyancy, AWARE Fish Identification, Search and Recovery.

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