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Taste the traditional Greek island cuisine prepared by an experienced local cook.

Your private cook will prepare a delicious, customised meal for your group. Our cooks are locals passionate about creating a pleasurable culinary experience with the highest food and sanitation standards, considering dietary restrictions and always ensure fresh ingredients are used.

Meals are prepared in the client’s villa and we will ensure your kitchen is clean and sanitised after use.

When creating food for storage, the cook will ensure dishes are prepared properly, stored appropriately and that ample reheating instructions are provided.

  • Greek traditional food. Private local cook services in Naxos, Greece.
  • Greek traditional food. Private local cook services in Naxos, Greece.
  • Greek traditional food. Private local cook services in Naxos, Greece.
  • Greek traditional food. Private local cook services in Naxos, Greece.


I agree to the Terms & Conditions

Activity : Private cooking by local professional

No. of Participants : 1 – 15 persons (larger groups can also be accomodated on request)

Location : Your villa OR yacht in Naxos

Language : English & Greek

Duration : 2 – 3 hours preparation time depending on the meal

Included :

  • Cook will buy the groceries and bring them to your accommodation to prepare a meal

Not Included :

  • Kitchen equipment. Your villa must be equipped with the needed kitchen equipment for the requested meals, the cook will only have knives with her/him.
  • Cost of the groceries. Depending on the requested meals, an agreed amount in cash will be given to the cook for the groceries.


200per meal
  • Up to 15 persons

Lunch / Dinner

250per meal
  • Up to 15 persons

Optional :

  • Cooking lesson where you will learn to prepare three traditional Greek dishes, including all groceries (+250 €)
  • Waiter (+120 €). Please note, that the cook will not be serving at the table one per one the guests and will not wait for the guests to finish dinner before she leaves.
This local, Naxos cook will bring the groceries for the meals she will prepare as well as any beverages you request.

Meal ideas :

Fresh salads, spreads and dips

  • Taramosalata (Fish roe, breadcrumbs, olive oil, lemon juice)

  • Greek Salad, (Fresh tomatoes,  cucumbers, onion, feta cheese and olives, typically seasoned with salt and oregano, and dressed with olive oil. Sliced capsicum, usually green, is often added also)

  • Dakos (Dry barley rusk, soaked in olive oil and topped with diced tomatoes, capers, herbs, and feta cheese.)

  • Tirokafteri (A dip of feta cheese, roasted red peppers, and garlic on request. Can be spicy hot or mild)

  • Tzatziki (Dip of yogurt, cucumber, olie oil and garlic. Dill can be added according to your tastes.)

Delicious appetizers

  • Fried squid (Batter-coated, deep fried squid, served with salt and lemon on the side)

  • Octopus (Usually grilled and served as a mezze or as a main dish. Dressed with lemon juice)

  • Spanakopita (A filo pastry pie of spinach and feta cheese filling)

  • Tiropita (Greek layered pastry pie of a feta cheese filling)


  • Fakes (A popular lentil soup usually served with vinegar and olives and/or smoked herring)

  • Fasolada (A popular bean soup considered the traditional Greek dish. It is typically made from various beans, tomatoes, carrot, onion, celery, dried herbs, and plenty of olive oil)

  • Kotosoupa (A hearty chicken soup that includes thin pasta called ‘fides’ that creates a rich, flavoured broth)

  • Magiritsa (A traditional soup made with lamb offal and thickened with avgolemono. Endives and dill are commonly added)

  • Kakavia (A range of fish soups, which use various fish and vegetables depending on the season)

Vegetarian main dishes

  • Arakas a la Polita (Artichokes with olive oil.)

  • Fasolakia (Fresh green beans stewed in tomato sauce. You might like to add potatoes, carrots, and/or zucchini)

  • Strapatsada (A fried egg cooked with vegetables such as spinach, peppers and onions and cheese)

  • Gemista (Baked stuffed vegetables. Usually tomatoes, peppers, or other vegetables such as potato and zucchini, hollowed out and baked with a rice and herb filling. Minced meat can also be used in the filling)

Meat and seafood dishes

  • Lamb in the oven (A common Greek dish. There are many variations and we will try to provide any particular requests)

  • Giouvetsi (Baked lamb in a clay pot with kritharaki (a Greek pasta identical to risoni or orzo)

  • Kokkinisto (Kokkinisto means ‘reddened’, and is a family of meat stews served with tomatoes)

  • Keftedakia (Meatballs, either fried or oven-baked, seasoned with salt and spices. Grated carrots and capsicum can also be added)

  • Paidakia (Grilled lamb chops with lemon, oregano, salt and pepper)

  • Pastitsio (A baked pasta dish with a filling of ground, spiced minced meat and a Bechamel sauce topping)

  • Souzoukakia (Sausages made from minced meat in a red wine sauce)

  • Stifado (Game – rabbit or venison – stew with pearl onions, red wine and cinnamon)

  • Skordalia (A purée that typically accompanies fried cod and in some cases, salads. The main ingredients are potato, garlic, olive oil and vinegar)

  • Grilled fish (Depending on the catch of the day, large choice usually available)

  • Risotto with shrimps (Greek version with feta cheese and spinach)

We have included only some of the basics just to give you an idea, please note that the range of meals the cook can prepare for you is extensive and includes the more classical dishes (pasta, hamburgers etc.) as well as a wide range from cuisines from other countries (Italian, French, Asian).